Making choices between competing alternatives always involves a thorough research process which begins by collecting multiple data points and then carefully evaluating and assessing the information.  Whether it’s buying a house, a car or picking stocks, the same analytical process can help consumers and investors make the right choice.  And according to Michael Lombardi, a front office NFL executive for 30 years with the San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders, Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots, the process of evaluating NFL talent can be used to invest in stocks.  For the last 18+ years, I have spent many hours pouring over financial statements and research reports to uncover the key drivers of a business’s success, such as revenue growth, operating/net margins, inventory turnover, etc. , as well as their overall business model and long-term competitive advantage within their business sector.  And according to Mr. Lombardi, a similar process of evaluating NFL prospects helped his organizations succeed at the highest level in pro sports.  Mr. Lombardi offers five rules, some borrowed from Hall of Fame coaches Bill Walsh and Bill Belichick, that all good investors must practice.  To read the article, click this link: