Asset Management

Avista Financial Network, Inc (dba Avista Wealth Management) is a Registered Investment Advisor in Illinois offering a full suite of asset management solutions for private clients and businesses.   Clearing and custody services are provided by Pershing, Altruist, and Mid Atlantic Trust Company.   Avista is an independent investment company and is not affiliated with any major brokerage house, giving us the freedom and objectivity to survey a wider universe of investment vehicles that our most advantageous for our clients.   Our goal is to be a trusted financial advisor that fully understands each of our clients’ needs and recognizes their unique investment objectives and tolerance for risk.   As an Advisor,  Avista adheres to stricter standards of fiduciary responsibility than is required of a typical Stock Broker (The Difference between Investment Advisors and Stockbrokers).

We believe that a globally diversified investment strategy increases portfolio returns while minimizing downside risk.  Each of our investment portfolios provides broad exposure to equities and fixed income, as well as smaller allocations to alternative asset classes like real estate, commodities and natural resources.  Avista’s investment goal is to deliver consistently above-benchmark returns with controlled levels of risk. Our investment management clients receive the following benefits:

  • Global Diversification
  • Portfolio Transparency
  • Low Transaction Costs & Expenses
  • Tax Efficiency
  • 24/7 Online Account Access
  • Consistent Client Communication

Avista’s risk-based asset allocation portfolios invest in individual stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and options-based strategies designed to mitigate downside risk.   The objective of each strategy is to provide disciplined and diversified exposure to a variety of asset classes that are consistent with an investor’s risk profile and investment time horizon. Custom portfolios may also include private equity, private credit, structured notes, annuities and other alternative products.