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Women Face More Risk in Retirement

Over the years, I've come across many individuals and families that have neglected to create a financial plan for many convenient reasons.  Lack of time; lack of resources or simply thinking that retirement is so far off that they won't have to worry about it until much later.  While studies have shown that both men [...]

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Don’t Follow The Herd Into Hot ETFs!

  One of the major reasons that retail investor portfolios under-perform the market is because they too often chase performance.  Whether it's real estate, stocks, mutual funds or exchange traded funds (ETFs), retail investors just can't help themselves when it comes to purchasing securities that have had a significant run-up in value.  And it's not [...]

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Selecting Stocks and NFL Players: NFL Exec’s Technique Works For Both

Making choices between competing alternatives always involves a thorough research process which begins by collecting multiple data points and then carefully evaluating and assessing the information.  Whether it's buying a house, a car or picking stocks, the same analytical process can help consumers and investors make the right choice.  And according to Michael Lombardi, a [...]

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