According to research just published in the Annals of Tourism Research, people will now be able to “eat, sleep, and engage in on the road hanky panky” once autonomous cars become the new normal.  Maybe the lure of rolling romance will be enough for people to put away their cell phones for awhile.  To read the article, click this link:

On a more serious note, the implications for the auto and technology industries, as well as investors, is immense.  Analysts for Morgan Stanley estimated the market for driverless cars will be $800 Billion, and quite possibly $2.6 Trillion by 2050. By 2040, analyst believe that 40% of the global miles driven will come from highly or fully autonomous cars and by 2050 it will be 75%.  Along with the auto and auto parts companies, they predict that stocks in the software, semiconductor and telecommunications industries will lead the market.  To read this story, click this link:

While the last few weeks has seen the technology industry take a beating, these articles are a great reminder that the technology industry will continue to increase its hold on our everyday lives while continually reshaping the future of all industries.