Avista’s investment models utilize a “core and satellite” approach to generate risk-adjusted returns in accordance with our clients’ long-term financial goals. Portfolios are structured to capture market beta through low-cost indexing strategies while seeking excess market returns through individual stock selection and various alternative investments. Portfolio risk can be minimized and controlled through option hedging strategies which can provide more consistent long-term returns and lower overall portfolio volatility.

Risk Management

Protecting personal and business assets requires ongoing risk mitigation strategies to preserve acquired wealth and distribute it efficiently to future generations. Avista works with select insurance professionals to create custom individual strategies that protect your loved ones and hard-earned assets. Our alliance partners can help clients identify coverage gaps and verify their policies meet the increasing insurance needs of an accelerating net worth. Whether it’s life, health, long-term care, or property & casualty insurance, maintaining a strong defense is essential for maximizing and preserving wealth.


Tax planning is an integral part of any comprehensive wealth strategy. It’s not what you make, but what you keep, so working with exceptional accounting professionals is essential in minimizing the tax implications of financial and investment decisions. Tax planning is not an annual event – it’s an ongoing conversation throughout the year and requires constant collaboration between our clients and their accounting professionals. Avista quarterbacks this relationship to ensure our clients’ financial plans stays on course and minimizes the tax bite on their long-term wealth goals.

Estate Planning

 The significant loss of one’s estate to the payment of state and federal estate taxes or state inheritance taxes should be a great motivator to develop and estate plan. A variety of advanced estate planning techniques can be used by both individuals and married couples to limit estate and inheritance taxes and in some cases, completely eliminate them. Coupled with a sound financial plan, an estate plan will not only help build your wealth and minimize taxes, but also protect your beneficiaries for generations.

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