Don’t Fear the Bear

I've read several articles lately that are predicting an upcoming recession based on one or more of the following: current trade spats; a flattening yield curve; over-valued stocks; global political turmoil; increasing corporate debt and tightening of monetary policy by the Fed.  They could be right, but most often they're wrong.  In any event, don't [...]

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Avista Mid-Year Market Review

At this time last year, the equity markets were enjoying a wave of enthusiasm spurred on by resurgent economic growth and corporate profits.  The S&P cruised to a gain of 7%, on it's way to a 20% annual return.  The Nasdaq jumped 11% by the midway point of 2017 and finished the year up nearly [...]

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Capital Markets Work!

In my nearly 10 years of managing money for investors, I've come across many people who are too afraid to put their money into the stock market.  Unless your parents have left you a huge trust fund, or you can sing like Adele or dunk like LeBron; you really don't have a choice.  Putting your [...]

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